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Welcome to Kohinoor Gold

  • The company was active in Kolkata, Bihar and Jharkhand since 1983 and entered in U.P. region in 1996. In mature market, we generally pursue the strategy of vertically integrating our activities under a common management. We are where our customers are and we know that the success of our customers is also our success. Our aim is long term customers loyalty based on the convincing quality of our products as well as punctual delivery of our cement. Our experts offer competent consulting regarding the use of materials on site and monitor their quality. Our regional offices have customer services cells in which our qualified engineers who interact with customers to access their need and problems in following ways:-

  • 1) By personal guidance on the right construction practices
    2) Offer advices before and after sales including educating customers
    3) To offers customized solution to our clients


The name of Ganapati Advisory Limited Kohinoor Cement stands for competency & quality in construction. Our core activities in the areas of cement. We belong to the leading manufacturers of cement in India. We want to contribute to building a better India by producing such a quality cement on which you can rely on.
The one building carries a special responsibility and take our environmental and social obligation seriously. We have obligated ourselves to sustainability and building on three pillars of ecology, economy and social responsibility. Today each of our plants has stand-of-the art pollution control equipment and devices. We consider the concern for the environment and the securing of our resources as the foundation for the environment and the securing of our resources as the foundation for our future development. Right now we are producing 1000TPD and in the coming 3years the production will reach upto 1 million tonne per annum.

Building Quality Relationships

At kohinoor Cement, we believe that the long term success of the company is not only closely linked to building long term relationships with its customers but also dependent on long term and successful relationships with all its stakeholders.



  • Porttand Pozzaolana Cement (PPC)

    Kohinoor Cement is a finaly ground blend of high quality clicker and carefully selected high quality Pozzolonic material (Fly Ash) with high fineness and optimum range of chemical composition. Carefully Selection of Pozzolana is one of the crucial factors for the superiority of Kohinoor Cement.

  • The other crucial factors are:

    Optimum quality of Pozzaolona to ensure maximum 28 Days strength Balancing the finess and the reactivity of Pozzolona to ensure proper hydration character, thus ensuring sustained strength gain long period without sacrificing on the early stage strength. Low heat of hydration helps in prevention of cracks ensuring durability of structure. Low heat of hydration helps in prevention of cracks ensuring durability of structure. Ensures durability of structure even in adverse environmental conditions.

  • Applications

    Suitable for all types of construction like high rise building, concrete roads, bridges, culverts railway works and cement based products. Mass concrete work like dams, machine foundation work etc. Concrete works in environments involving corrosive chemicals in soil and water. Sewage marine works. Suitable for all construction in aggressive environment ensuring high durability of concrete made from Shakti Cement.